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At Caring Hearts, Southbank, we deliver top-tier, culturally sensitive NDIS support services. Our variety of personalised assistance options is crafted to help you lead an independent and enriched life in Southbank. Whether it’s help with day-to-day living, personal care, or supporting your engagement in the community and workplace, our team is your unwavering ally. Our Southbank-based support workers, who are part of the local fabric, assist you in fully immersing in the community, from participating in local events to exploring cultural offerings, fostering a strong sense of belonging and active participation in community life.

Our NDIS disability support services include:

Looking For NDIS Accommodation in Southbank?

Caring Hearts offers modern, comfortable short-term (STA), medium-term (MTA) and emergency respite disability accommodation in Southbank and surrounds, with 24/7 Supported Independent Living (SIL) from our friendly local team.
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NDIS Supported Independent Living in Southbank

Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 support

The Benefits of Our Supported Independent Living Services:

1. Finding Your Ideal Southbank Residence: Our aim is to assist you in discovering the perfect shared living environment in Southbank that suits your personal preferences. Whether you're after a lively, social atmosphere or a more tranquil, intimate setting, our commitment is to find a home that resonates with you.

2. Fostering Self-Reliance and Assurance in Southbank: Our Southbank team is dedicated to helping you develop the necessary skills for independent living. We offer support in everyday life management and decision-making, from financial organisation to household tasks, enhancing your sense of independence and confidence.

3. Community Involvement in Southbank: Active community participation is key to a rewarding life. Our services in Southbank encourage you to forge strong connections and engage in activities that you find enjoyable, including local events and exploring the distinct character of Southbank.

4. Customised Support for Your Individual Needs in Southbank: With our 24/7 support in Southbank, you have access to a team of empathetic and professional staff, ready to provide personalised assistance tailored to your unique needs at any time.

5. Achieving Your Personal Goals in Southbank: We believe in the potential of everyone to realise their dreams. Our services in Southbank are structured to assist you in identifying and reaching your personal objectives, whether related to your career, hobbies, or independent living.

6. Consistent Support for Your Comfort in Southbank: The journey to independent living is a significant milestone. Our team in Southbank is here to ensure this transition is smooth, offering continuous support for your well-being and comfort.

Typical Services Provided by Our SIL Support Workers in Southbank:
  • Personal care assistance: hygiene, dressing, medication supervision
  • Household management: cleaning, laundry, cooking
  • Transportation services: attending appointments, shopping, running errands
  • Social and leisure activities: participating in Southbank events, pursuing hobbies, group outings
  • Communication and administrative help: managing forms, emails, and official documents
  • Financial management: budgeting advice, banking assistance, bill management
  • Health and well-being assessments
  • Skill development: culinary skills, home maintenance, personal grooming

Embrace the freedom and independence of living in your own space in Southbank, supported by the dedicated and personalised care from Caring Hearts. Contact us to discover how we can enhance your life in this vibrant and dynamic inner city suburb.

Embrace freedom with Caring Hearts Supported Independent Living

We help you choose your perfect home and provide 24/7 support for ultimate peace of mind. Call our friendly Advisors to discuss your SIL needs on 1800 844 995.
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Welcome to Southbank: Thriving Community, Heartfelt Support

At Caring Hearts, we're passionate about empowering people with disabilities to live vibrant, fulfilling lives. And when it comes to vibrant living, Southbank is a Melbourne gem waiting to be explored. Nestled alongside the Yarra River, just a stone's throw from the CBD, this dynamic suburb offers a wealth of accessible amenities and a welcoming community, all within easy reach.

Our team of Southbank-based support workers understand the local scene like the back of their hand. They'll be your trusted companions, helping you navigate every corner and discover the joys of this inclusive neighbourhood. So, let's dive into the heart of Southbank and see what awaits!

Accessible Local Amenities:

  • Crown Melbourne: This iconic complex boasts numerous accessible shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, all linked by ramps and lifts. Don't miss the stunning views from the Skywalk! (Southbank Boulevard)
  • Southgate: Discover an open-air shopping haven with accessible pathways, wide aisles, and dedicated accessible parking. From fashion boutiques to specialty stores, find something for everyone. (Southbank Promenade)

Parks and Gardens:
  • Southbank Boulevard: Soak up the sunshine and river views on this picturesque pedestrian boulevard. Enjoy accessible public art installations and lush greenery, all with level pathways and designated accessible restrooms.
  • Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne: Immerse yourself in a botanical wonderland! Wide paths, ramps, and accessible toilets make exploring this world-renowned garden a breeze. Don't miss the Guilfoyle's Wheel accessible glasshouse. (Birdwood Avenue)

Community Services and Facilities:
  • Melbourne Town Hall: This historic landmark houses the City of Melbourne customer service centre, offering accessible entry and assistance for all your council needs. (Swanston Street)
  • Southbank Community Centre: Stay connected and engaged at this vibrant hub. Accessible events, programs, and support services cater to diverse needs. (Cnr Clarendon Street & City Road)

  • City Library: Melbourne's flagship library boasts extensive collections, accessible technology, and dedicated quiet spaces. Level access and lifts make browsing a breeze. (Swanston Street)

Sports and Recreation:
  • Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre: Dive into fitness! This state-of-the-art facility offers accessible pools, gyms, and fitness classes, with inclusive equipment and assistance available. (King Street)
  • ArtPlay: Unleash your creativity! This accessible arts centre provides inclusive workshops, exhibitions, and events for all abilities. (Melbourne Street)

Hospitals and Medical Centres:
  • The Alfred Hospital: This major medical centre offers comprehensive healthcare services, with accessible entrances, designated parking, and assistance available. (Commercial Road)
  • Melbourne Private Hospital: Receive top-notch private care in a fully accessible environment. Lifts, wide corridors, and accessible rooms ensure comfort and ease. (St Kilda Road)

Local Council Office:
  • City of Melbourne Customer Service Centre: Find all your council needs under one roof, with accessible entry, designated parking, and helpful staff. (Swanston Street)

Beyond the List:

This is just a taste of what Southbank has to offer. Our local support workers are your personal guides, ready to unlock hidden gems and tailor your experience to your unique needs and interests. Whether it's joining a social club, catching a show at the Arts Centre, or simply enjoying a picnic in the park, we'll be there to support you every step of the way.

At Caring Hearts, we believe everyone deserves to feel included and empowered. And in Southbank, that feeling comes alive. So, let's explore, connect, and discover the joys of this vibrant community together. Remember, with Caring Hearts by your side, anything is possible!
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