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Caring Hearts: Your Trusted 24x7 Registered NDIS Provider Melbourne?


Welcome to Caring Hearts, your dependable Registered NDIS Provider Melbourne. Also, at Caring Hearts, we are proud to have a team of very qualified disability support workers. In addition, they get training to provide excellent support for people with physical and intellectual disabilities.
As an authorized 24x7 Registered NDIS provider in Melbourne, we customize services to meet unique client needs. Also, we understand that each person is unique and, therefore, needs personalized care. As a result, we commit to giving care tailored to meet your specific needs.
Caring Hearts has been a leading name, serving as a Registered NDIS provider Melbourne for many years. Also, we give personalized disability support services to eligible NDIS participants and their families. In addition, we have a team of trained care and support staff with many years of experience in this field.
Our services stand out from the rest. Also, we don't treat our participants as clients; we see them as family members. In addition, we care for them like our own. Also, our very experienced caregivers know how to handle any situation. They try hard to convince participants that they are physically fit and without disabilities.

Why Choose Caring Hearts as your Enrolled NDIS Provider in Melbourne?

For many years, we have held the number one spot as a Registered NDIS provider Melbourne. Also, we provide SIL services, respite care, and more. In addition, our services are available in suburban Melbourne locations like Deer Park, Williamstown, Brunswick, Preston and more.
We have served over 50,000 families with the help of a large team of mental health caregivers and clinicians experienced with children and adults. We can support you or your loved one and people with disabilities. Also, we can connect you with friends to help you find the best support for new or ongoing plans.
Our teams work together to help you reach your goals. Also, we can help you with other services depending on your needs. For example, we can assist you in your home.

Find Caring Support with Our Registered NDIS Provider Melbourne

We are here for you.
When you get services from our recognized Registered NDIS provider Melbourne, our dedicated team commits to helping you access the best care possible. Also, we make sure you can take advantage of your funding programs.
We care about building relationships and will work hard to build respect between our clients and their families. In addition, this is the only difference you can expect with Caring Hearts.

Our team will help you join programs, connect you with premium health providers, and help you take part in your community. Also, we provide a wide range of services, including support coordination, flexible in-home help, community outreach, and help with daily living. In addition, we help clients looking for short-term housing or medium-term housing supported by the NDIS.

Care is in our nature, and it's our mission to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Also, we want to make real positive changes to improve the lives of the people we support in the best way possible.

We provide quality support services that meet the needs of people with disabilities. Also, rest assured that we follow all Melbourne and Commonwealth government requirements to ensure you get disability support services safely.

Why Should You Become an NDIS Participant?

The NDIS supports people with disabilities and focuses on independent living. Also, it's a chance for people to take a step closer to their life goals. In addition, by becoming an NDIS participant, you can get support services from enrolled NDIS providers Melbourne or any other city as it has expanded nationally.

Let's explore the structure of this system to understand better how it works and supports participants.


Q1) What are NDIS services?

A: NDIS providers offer support services to help people with disabilities lead more meaningful lives. Would you like to live more freely, independently, and socially? We have helped many people with disabilities do just that through our range of 24x7 NDIS services.
If you need supported housing, we provide:
  • Short-term accommodation gives you a safe, home-like place for up to 28 days.
  • Medium-term housing gives you temporary housing in a respectful environment for up to 3 months.
  • Support for independent living provides you with a care home and support staff for as long as you need.
  • Specialized disability housing gives you more options to make the most of your home.
At Caring Hearts, we understand your needs are always changing, so we will adapt to you. You can switch housing types if your current one does not suit your needs.
If you need day-to-day support services, we recommend:
  • Community access: This will help you enjoy the outdoors and connect with our community.
  • Help with daily activities: to make your life more comfortable and your work easier.
Q2) What disabilities does the NDIS cover?
A: For a disability to be covered by the NDIS, your disability or health condition must be permanent, meaning it is ongoing instead of temporary. Your disability can be physical, intellectual, cognitive, neurological, visual, auditory, or psychosocial.

Q3) Can the NDIS fund anything for a person with a disability?

A: No, the NDIS will only fund things related to your disability, such as:
  • Support related to your disability
  • Support that does not put you or others at risk
  • Daily living expenses related to your support needs
  • Support within the scope of the NDIS (other government agencies or community services provide support beyond NDIS scope)
Q4) What disability services are available in Australia?

A: In Australia, many services are accessible to people with disabilities. The Department of Social Services has published a list of disability services available in Australia. This list includes programs like the Disability Parking Scheme, Disability Gateway, employment services, and family mental health support. Approximately 20,000 registered NDIS service providers offer various support categories across Australia. You can use the NDIS provider finder to connect with providers that fit your needs and goals.

Q5) What are the three main support categories in the NDIS?

A: All NDIS services and supports fall into 3 categories:

Core Support – Helps participants carry out daily life activities.

Capital Support – Invests in technology, equipment, modifications or financing to improve accessibility and quality of life.

Capacity Building Support – Helps participants improve life skills and increase independence

Unsure What You Need?

Call us at 1800 844 995 to connect with our expert NDIS consultants, here to help. If you need housing, care support, NDIS-funded assistance, or supported housing, we can assist you.
Also, if you want to learn more about NDIS services, we can help explain.