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What is Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) in Melbourne?

NDIS Medium Term Accommodation in Melbourne (MTA) is an accommodation that you can stay for up to 90 days. This can be a temporary solution if you are hospitalised or in rehab and need additional care before going home.

NDIS MTA can also be a great way to see if a Specialized Disability or Support Living (SIL) accommodation provider is right for you before making a decision about your permanent residence or place of residence.

Looking for Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) in Melbourne?

In these busy times, our loved ones cannot be with us all the time. People with disabilities need more attention and care. This is where we come in. At Caring Hearts, we have a dedicated support team at our centres to help our customers across Melbourne. As part of the NDIS program, our support staff takes the time to tailor unique plans to help people with disabilities get the care they need when they find themselves in dire situations.

When an individual gets sick, or other unpleasant circumstances arise, you can depend on us to get professional help around the clock. Our medium-term accommodation (MTA) in Melbourne plan is beneficial for NDIS participants as it is an option that lasts a little longer than most accommodation alternatives.

What is Included in Our MTA Service in Melbourne?

Our medium-term accommodation in Melbourne (MTA) offers NDIS participants a secure temporary housing solution for up to three months. This period may be longer if your situation changes. If you are changing your home or are on a waiting list for specialist disability accommodations, this is the ideal choice.

Medium-term housing assistance is temporary housing assistance intended to help a person with a disability. The NDIS participants can also get the help they need to transition into their permanent housing solution. It can help them live the life they want to live.
When you choose NDIS medium-term accommodation with us, you are required to pay the cost of your visit during your stay. As one of the best MTA providers in Melbourne, our support staff has developed unique plans to help people with disabilities access the care they need when they are distraught and in need of support.

What makes us Caring Hearts Different?

Caring Hearts works closely with everyone in your life to make sure you get the best care you need in your medium-term accommodation (MTA). You may have a support coordinator, a hospital or rehabilitation social worker, a BIT specialist, and family members and friends working with you. Especially during this temporary support, you need to make sure you feel safe and at home. We will make sure you have everything you need to make this a reality.

Our team

Our experienced disability support staffs have the knowledge and skills to safely and appropriately provide complex supports. We will work with the individual's support team, hospital, or current medical team to ensure that all client-specific training has been completed. Our quality and care support staff with experience in complex care disabilities will provide ongoing monitoring, supervision, and support to our staff.

For more information or to discuss using Caring Hearts' MTA service in Melbourne, please contact or call us at 1800 844 995 today.
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