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At Caring Hearts Seaholme, our passion lies in providing accessible and culturally sensitive NDIS disability support services. We offer a comprehensive array of individualised support options designed to empower you to live a fulfilling and independent life within your picturesque coastal community. Whether you require assistance with daily living tasks, personal care, or building your capacity for community engagement and employment, our dedicated team of local support workers are your champions. With their in-depth knowledge of Seaholme's seaside charm and vibrant events, they'll help you discover the best that your community has to offer, empowering you to build a richer life filled with meaningful connections and experiences.

Our NDIS disability support services include:

Looking For NDIS Accommodation in Seaholme?

Caring Hearts offers modern, comfortable short-term (STA), medium-term (MTA) and emergency respite disability accommodation in Seaholme and surrounds, with 24/7 Supported Independent Living (SIL) from our friendly local team.
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NDIS Supported Independent Living in Seaholme

Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 support

The Benefits of Our Supported Independent Living Services:

1. Discover Your Beachside Bliss: Nestled near Seaholme's vibrant coastline, we'll help you find a shared home that reflects your desire for sun, sand, and community. Whether you seek a lively atmosphere or a quieter retreat, your perfect haven awaits.

2. Build Confidence and Thrive: Our dedicated team will empower you to develop essential life skills like managing finances, appointments, cooking, and cleaning, fostering independence and confidence while you navigate the joys of coastal living.

3. Embrace the Coastal Community: Immerse yourself in the welcoming Seaholme community. Join local clubs, attend events, and explore the area's unique offerings, from beachside strolls to bustling markets, forging lasting connections along the way.

4. 24/7 Personalised Support: Our local Seaholme team provides round-the-clock support, ensuring you have access to qualified and compassionate staff whenever you need them, for complete peace of mind by the seaside.

5. Reach Your Full Potential: We believe in your abilities and will support you in identifying and achieving your goals. Whether it's seeking employment, pursuing a passion project, or simply living life on your own terms, we'll be there every step of the way, with the ocean breeze as your backdrop.

6. Embrace Freedom and Security: Enjoy the freedom and independence of your own Seaholme home with complete peace of mind. Our team is readily available 24/7 to assist with various tasks, ensuring your well-being and a sense of comfort and security, even within steps of the shore.

Typical Services:
  • Personal care assistance: showering, dressing, medication reminders
  • Household management: cleaning, laundry, meal preparation
  • Transportation assistance: appointments, shopping, errands
  • Social and recreational activities: community events, hobbies, outings, beachside activities
  • Communication and paperwork support: forms, letters, emails
  • Financial management: budgeting, banking, bills
  • Health and well-being checks
  • Life skills training: cooking, cleaning, self-care

Embrace a life of independence and self-reliance with Caring Hearts' SIL services in Seaholme. Contact us today to discover how we can help you write a positive new  chapter in your life!

Embrace freedom with Caring Hearts Supported Independent Living

We help you choose your perfect home and provide 24/7 support for ultimate peace of mind. Call our friendly Advisors to discuss your SIL needs on 1800 844 995.
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Seaholme: Where Sun Kissed Sands and Community Connect

Welcome to Seaholme with Caring Hearts, where the rhythm of the ocean mingles with the warmth of community. This sun-drenched suburb, nestled just 23 kilometers southwest of Melbourne's heart in the Shire of Hobsons Bay, promises friendly connections and outdoor living. At Caring Hearts, we believe in building bridges, not walls, and our local support workers, who call Seaholme home, are your compass to navigate this vibrant corner of the world.

Sun-Kissed Shores and Leisure:
  • Seaholme Beach: Golden sands stretch invitingly, perfect for leisurely strolls, picnicking, or soaking in the sunshine. Accessible pathways lead to the beach, and a beach mat lending program is available for those who need it.
  • Williamstown Botanic Gardens: Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of blooms and serene greenery. Paved pathways meander through themed gardens, making them wheelchair and stroller friendly.
  • Point Cook Coastal Park: Discover rugged beauty at this sprawling park, with scenic walking and cycling trails, birdwatching opportunities, and stunning coastal views. The park boasts accessible pathways and designated parking spots for people with disabilities.

Shopping and Services:
  • Altona Gate Shopping Centre: A bustling hub just outside Seaholme in Altona, offering major supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, and specialty stores. Accessible entrances and parking are available.
  • Cherry Street Shopping Centre: Located in Altona, this charming pocket provides everyday essentials like a Coles, newsagency, and bakery. It features accessible entrances and designated parking for people with disabilities.

Community and Support:
  • Williamstown Community Centre: This vibrant hub in nearby Williamstown buzzes with social events, support groups, and activities, fostering a sense of belonging for all. The centre is fully accessible, with ramps and elevators providing ease of movement.
  • Hobsons Bay City Council Disability and Inclusion Team: Dedicated to empowering people with disabilities, the council provides resources and NDIS assistance across the city, including Seaholme.

  • Williamstown Hospital: A reliable source of emergency and specialist care, conveniently located in Williamstown and readily accessible from Seaholme.
  • Altona Medical Group: Access a range of doctors and specialists within this large medical practice in nearby Altona. The practice features accessible entrances and parking.

This is just a taster of the treasures Seaholme holds. With Caring Hearts as your guide and our local support workers by your side, you'll forge meaningful connections, and make this sun-kissed haven your own. Let your journey to community unfold, in the heart of Seaholme.
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