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At Caring Hearts Fieldstone, we offer individualised NDIS support services, focusing on enhancing daily living and community engagement for each participant. Our team, who live in the Fieldstone community, understands the importance of local connections. They provide a range of services, including personal care and household task assistance, and are dedicated to helping participants become active in local events and programs. From joining local book clubs to participating in community volunteer initiatives, our support workers ensure that participants in Fieldstone have opportunities to engage in meaningful activities that resonate with their interests and contribute to their sense of community belonging.

Our NDIS disability support services include:

Looking For NDIS Accommodation in Fieldstone?

Caring Hearts offers modern, comfortable short-term (STA), medium-term (MTA) and emergency respite disability accommodation in Fieldstone and surrounds, with 24/7 Supported Independent Living (SIL) from our friendly local team.
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NDIS Supported Independent Living in Fieldstone

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The Benefits of Our Supported Independent Living Services:

1. Discover Varied Living Spaces in Fieldstone: Fieldstone, with its dynamic community near Fieldstone Boulevard and the serene ambience of Parkside Crescent, presents a range of shared accommodation options. Whether you're attracted to the bustling areas or prefer the calmness of more secluded spots, we're committed to finding a home that aligns with your preferences.

2. Build Your Independence and Self-Reliance: Our team in Fieldstone is passionate about aiding you in developing the skills needed for independent living. From financial management and organizing appointments to daily tasks like cooking and housekeeping, we're here to support you in living confidently and independently.

3. Engage with the Fieldstone Community: Active community involvement is essential for a rewarding life. In Fieldstone, our SIL services provide opportunities for you to establish meaningful relationships and engage in activities that bring you joy. Whether it's participating in local events or joining community groups, there's always a way to connect.

4. Tailored Support for Your Needs: In Fieldstone, our dedicated team offers 24/7 support, customized to your unique requirements. With a local support team, you have access to caring and skilled staff who are always ready to assist, ensuring you feel supported and secure at all times.

5. Realise Your Goals and Dreams: At Caring Hearts, we're dedicated to supporting your aspirations. Our SIL services in Fieldstone are designed to help you identify and achieve your personal goals, whether they involve securing employment, exploring new hobbies, or living a more independent lifestyle.

6. Enjoy the Comfort of Continuous Support: Embracing independent living in Fieldstone is an exciting step, and we're here to support you through it. Our team offers constant 24/7 support, assisting with various tasks to ensure your comfort and security at all times.

Typical Services Provided by Our SIL Support Workers in Fieldstone:
  • Personal care assistance: showering, dressing, medication management
  • Household management: cleaning, laundry, cooking
  • Transportation support: attending appointments, shopping, running errands
  • Social and recreational activities: engaging in Fieldstone community events, hobbies, outings
  • Communication and paperwork assistance: managing forms, letters, emails
  • Financial management support: budgeting, banking, bill payments
  • Health and well-being checks
  • Life skills training: cooking, housekeeping, personal care

With Caring Hearts' Supported Independent Living services in Fieldstone, you can enjoy the independence of living in your own home, supported by the personalised care you need to thrive. Reach out to us to learn more about our services and how we can help you live a fulfilling life in Fieldstone.

Embrace freedom with Caring Hearts Supported Independent Living

We help you choose your perfect home and provide 24/7 support for ultimate peace of mind. Call our friendly Advisors to discuss your SIL needs on 1800 844 995.
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Welcome to Fieldstone!

Fieldstone is a friendly community 28km west of Melbourne's CBD in the City of Melton. We understand that living with a disability can sometimes make it challenging to find accessible amenities and services in your local area. That's why we've put together this guide to help you experience all that Fieldstone and Mount Cottrell have to offer, with a focus on accessible options within 5km.

Our local support workers live right here in the Fieldstone community, familiar with the streets and happy to help you navigate your surroundings. They'll work with you to create a personalised support plan that meets your individual needs and goals, ensuring you can live a fulfilling and connected life.

Accessible Local Amenities:

Shopping Centres:
  • Woodlands Shopping Centre: (4.2km from Fieldstone) Located on Melton Road in Plumpton, this convenient centre offers supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, and specialty stores. Wheelchair-friendly with accessible parking.

  • Melton Secondary College: (4.6km from Fieldstone) This inclusive school welcomes students from Years 7-12 and provides extensive support for students with disabilities. Features wheelchair-accessible facilities and dedicated support staff.

Parks and Gardens:
  • Brookside Park: (2.2km from Fieldstone) A lovely spot for picnics and nature walks, this park boasts walking trails, a playground, and BBQ facilities. Wheelchair-accessible paths and picnic areas make it enjoyable for everyone.
  • Melton Botanic Gardens: (3.8km from Fieldstone) Immerse yourself in stunning native flora at these expansive gardens. Wheelchair-accessible pathways wind through themed sections, offering a peaceful escape.

Community Services and Facilities:
  • Melton Community Hospital: (4.5km from Fieldstone) Offering a range of medical services, this hospital features accessible facilities and designated parking for people with disabilities.
  • Melton Library and Learning Centre: (4.5km from Fieldstone) Browse an extensive collection of books, DVDs, and other resources in this modern library. Wheelchair-accessible with designated accessible parking and helpful staff.

Sports and Recreation:
  • Melton Waves Leisure Centre: (4.5km from Fieldstone) Make a splash at this inclusive leisure centre, featuring accessible pools, gym facilities, and fitness classes. Staff are trained to assist people with disabilities.
  • Melton Recreation Reserve: (2.8km from Fieldstone) Home to footy ovals, cricket pitches, and open space, this reserve offers something for everyone. Wheelchair-accessible paths lead to viewing areas and picnic spots.

Council Office:
  • City of Melton Administration Centre: (4.5km from Fieldstone) Located on Eales Road in Melton, this central office provides council services and information. Wheelchair-accessible entrance and designated parking are available.

While some amenities may be located just outside the 5km radius, remember that our local support workers are happy to travel with you to explore them!

We hope this guide helps you feel confident and connected in Fieldstone and Mount Cottrell. Remember, Caring Hearts is always here to support you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team if you have any questions or need assistance.

Together, let's build a vibrant and inclusive community where everyone thrives!
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