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At Caring Hearts Quandong, our passionate team is dedicated to providing accessible and culturally sensitive NDIS disability support services tailored to your individual needs. We offer a comprehensive array of individualised support options designed to empower you to live a fulfilling and independent life within your unique community. Our dedicated team of local support workers are your connectors, offering guidance and support with daily living tasks, personal care, community engagement, and employment. Their expertise in Quandong's hidden treasures and local events will unlock opportunities and foster a sense of belonging, enriching your life through meaningful connections and experiences.

Our NDIS disability support services include:

Looking For NDIS Accommodation in Quandong?

Caring Hearts offers modern, comfortable short-term (STA), medium-term (MTA) and emergency respite disability accommodation in Quandong and surrounds, with 24/7 Supported Independent Living (SIL) from our friendly local team.
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NDIS Supported Independent Living in Quandong

Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 support

The Benefits of Our Supported Independent Living Services:

1. Uncover Your Perfect Home: Discover a shared Quandong home that perfectly reflects your needs and preferences. Whether you seek a lively atmosphere or a quieter space, we'll help you find a home that feels like a sanctuary.

2. Empower Yourself for Independent Living: Equip yourself with essential life skills alongside our dedicated team. From managing finances and appointments to mastering daily tasks like cooking and cleaning, they'll guide you towards confident and independent living.

3. Embrace Your Community: Dive into the Quandong community. Participate in local clubs, attend events, and explore the unique offerings of the area, forging lasting connections along the way.

4. 24/7 Personalised Support: Our dedicated Quandong team offers round-the-clock support. This ensures you have access to qualified and compassionate staff whenever you need them, offering peace of mind and reassurance.

5. Unleash Your Potential: We believe in your abilities and will support you in identifying and achieving your goals. Whether you seek employment, pursue a passion project, or simply live a more independent life, we'll be there to guide and support you every step of the way.

6. Live with Freedom and Secure: Enjoy the freedom and independence of your own Quandong home with complete peace of mind. Our team is readily available 24/7 to assist with various tasks, ensuring your well-being and offering a sense of comfort and security.

Typical Services:
  • Personal care assistance: showering, dressing, medication reminders
  • Household management: cleaning, laundry, meal preparation
  • Transportation assistance: appointments, shopping, errands
  • Social and recreational activities: community events, hobbies, outings
  • Communication and paperwork support: forms, letters, emails
  • Financial management: budgeting, banking, bills
  • Health and well-being checks
  • Life skills training: cooking, cleaning, self-care

Embrace a life of independence and self-reliance with Caring Hearts' SIL services in Quandong. Contact us today to discover how we can help you write the next chapter of your life!

Embrace freedom with Caring Hearts Supported Independent Living

We help you choose your perfect home and provide 24/7 support for ultimate peace of mind. Call our friendly Advisors to discuss your SIL needs on 1800 844 995.
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Quandong: Your Tranquil Haven in the Western Plains

Welcome to Caring Hearts, your trusted provider of disability support services in Quandong, a peaceful rural haven nestled within the Wyndham Shire in Victoria, Australia, approximately 40 kilometres west of Melbourne's CBD. Here, amidst rolling hills and wide-open spaces, we're dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to find solace in the natural environment, embrace the close-knit community, and access the support they need to thrive.

Peaceful Surroundings and Accessible Amenities:

While primarily a rural area, Quandong offers essential amenities readily accessible within the community, allowing you to enjoy the tranquillity of the countryside without sacrificing convenience:
  • Quandong Community Hall: This versatile space hosts community events, gatherings, and activities. It's fully accessible with ramps and accessible toilets.
  • Quandong Playground: This playground offers play equipment suitable for children of all abilities. It's accessible with a dedicated path and a nearby accessible toilet.
  • Quandong Recreation Reserve: This expansive reserve features sporting fields, a playground, and picnic areas. It's fully accessible with designated parking spaces and accessible toilets.

Exploring the Natural Beauty:

Quandong's surrounding landscapes offer opportunities for nature lovers to explore and connect with the beauty of the Australian countryside:
  • Werribee River Trail (4 km): This scenic trail follows the Werribee River, offering stunning views and opportunities for walking, cycling, and birdwatching. Designated accessible parking spaces and accessible toilets are available at the Cocoroc trailhead.
  • Mount Macedon Walking Trails (7 km): This network of trails offers breathtaking vistas of the Macedon Ranges and opportunities for challenging hikes or leisurely strolls. Designated accessible parking and accessible toilets are available at the Macedon Regional Park Visitor Centre.
  • Wyndham Park (10 km): This expansive parkland boasts walking and cycling trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a lake. It's fully accessible with designated parking spaces and accessible toilets.

Our team of dedicated support workers in Quandong is committed to providing personalised and compassionate care that empowers you to live a fulfilling life. We understand the unique challenges faced by people with disabilities in rural settings, and we're here to provide the resources and support you need to overcome them.

At Caring Hearts, we believe in fostering a sense of belonging and community in Quandong. We encourage residents to connect with each other, participate in local events, and explore the beauty of their surroundings. With our support, you can build a life filled with peace, independence, and endless possibilities.
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