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In Greenvale, Caring Hearts is dedicated to offering personalised NDIS support services, with a keen emphasis on cultural respect and empathy. Our array of services is carefully tailored to empower people to lead a self-sufficient and fulfilling life within their community. From assistance in everyday tasks and personal care to developing skills for community engagement and job opportunities, our team is steadfast in supporting each individual's unique path. Our support workers, who are an integral part of the Greenvale community, bring valuable local insights to their roles. They utilise this knowledge to immerse our clients in Greenvale’s community events and programmes, thereby enriching their lives and encouraging a strong sense of community belonging and proactive involvement.

Our NDIS disability support services include:

Looking For NDIS Accommodation in Greenvale?

Caring Hearts offers modern, comfortable short-term (STA), medium-term (MTA) and emergency respite disability accommodation in Greenvale and surrounds, with 24/7 Supported Independent Living (SIL) from our friendly local team.
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NDIS Supported Independent Living in Greenvale

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The Benefits of Our Supported Independent Living Services:

1. Your Ideal Home in Greenvale: We're dedicated to helping you find the perfect shared living situation in Greenvale that suits your lifestyle. Whether you’re drawn to an active, social household or a quieter, more secluded spot, we aim to find you a place where you’ll feel completely at home.

2. Encouraging Self-Sufficiency in Greenvale: In Greenvale, our team is committed to supporting you in developing essential life skills for an independent lifestyle. We offer guidance on everything from managing your finances to everyday household tasks, fostering your ability to live confidently on your own.

3. Deepening Community Connections in Greenvale: Community engagement is a cornerstone of our approach. Our services in Greenvale are designed to help you immerse yourself in local activities, participate in community events, and form meaningful social connections.

4. Personalised Support Tailored to Your Needs: Our Greenvale team offers 24/7 bespoke support, ensuring that you always have access to caring and skilled professionals for any assistance you may need.

5. Realising Your Dreams in Greenvale: We are here to support you in achieving your personal ambitions. Our services in Greenvale are geared towards helping you identify and pursue your goals, be they related to work, leisure activities, or living more independently.

6. Continuous Support for a Smooth Journey: Transitioning to a new way of living can be a significant change, but our Greenvale team is here to make it as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our ongoing support provides peace of mind and reassurance during this transition.

Typical Services Provided by Our SIL Support Workers in Greenvale:
  • Personal care: assistance with daily routines, hygiene, and medication management.
  • Home management: taking care of cleaning, laundry, and meal preparations.
  • Transport support: for various appointments, shopping, and errands.
  • Social and recreational involvement: participating in local events, hobbies, and outings.
  • Assistance with communication: managing paperwork, emails, and correspondence.
  • Financial advice: guidance on budgeting, banking, and bill payments.
  • Regular health and lifestyle assessments.
  • Practical life skills training: in cooking, cleaning, and personal care.

At Caring Hearts in Greenvale, we offer a unique blend of independence and supportive care, tailored to your preferences and needs. Contact us to explore how we can assist you in enjoying a fulfilling and independent life in Greenvale.

Embrace freedom with Caring Hearts Supported Independent Living

We help you choose your perfect home and provide 24/7 support for ultimate peace of mind. Call our friendly Advisors to discuss your SIL needs on 1800 844 995.
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Welcome to Greenvale: Thriving in the heart of Melbourne's north

Caring Hearts is excited to bring our supportive services to Greenvale, a vibrant and welcoming suburb nestled in Melbourne's northern suburbs. Located just 26 kilometres from the CBD and falling under the Hume City Council, Greenvale offers a charming blend of family-friendly community spirit and convenient access to essential amenities. Our local team of support workers, who call Greenvale home themselves, are here to help you connect with all this amazing suburb has to offer and build a life brimming with opportunity and joy.

Accessible Local Amenities: Embracing Every Corner of Greenvale

Shopping and Errands:
  • Greenvale Shopping Centre: Packed with familiar stores like Coles, Woolworths, and Kmart, Greenvale Shopping Centre (355-375 Mickleham Avenue) boasts wide aisles, accessible parking, and automatic door openers for effortless shopping.
  • Pascoe Vale Road Shopping Strip: Find fresh produce at the greengrocer, grab a coffee at the local cafe, or browse charming boutiques all along Pascoe Vale Road, easily accessible with lowered curbs and designated accessible parking.

Parks and Leisure:
  • Greenvale Recreation Reserve: Families flock to this expansive park (425-445 Mickleham Avenue) for its inclusive playground, BBQ facilities, and wide-open spaces perfect for picnics or leisurely strolls. Accessible paths wind through the park, ensuring everyone can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Moonee Ponds Creek Trail: Lace up your sneakers and explore the scenic Moonee Ponds Creek Trail, offering a 30-kilometre path for cycling, walking, or enjoying a peaceful picnic by the water. The trail boasts smooth surfaces and designated rest areas with accessible features.

Community Services and Support:
  • Hume City Council Greenvale Customer Service Centre: Located at 297 Mickleham Avenue, the council office offers support with rates, permits, and council services, and features accessible parking and wide entryways.
  • Uniting Hume Community: This local service provider (208 Mickleham Avenue) offers a range of disability support services, including advocacy, counselling, and social programs, all within a fully accessible building.

Staying Healthy:
  • Greenvale Medical Centre: This modern medical practice (825 Mickleham Avenue) caters to all your healthcare needs, with wide doorways, accessible parking, and helpful staff ready to assist.
  • Northern Hospital Epping: For specialised care, the Northern Hospital Epping (537 Cooper Street) is just a short drive away and offers comprehensive medical services with designated accessible parking and facilities.

Learning and Play:
  • Greenvale Primary School: Offering inclusive education for all abilities, Greenvale Primary School (470 Mickleham Avenue) boasts accessible facilities and dedicated support staff to ensure every child thrives.
  • Greenvale Library: Immerse yourself in a world of stories at the Greenvale Library (345 Mickleham Avenue), featuring accessible entrances, wide aisles, and helpful staff eager to assist.


Caring Hearts knows that feeling connected to your community is vital for a fulfilling life. Our local team, deeply embedded in the fabric of Greenvale, is here to empower you to explore every corner of this vibrant suburb and embrace all it has to offer. We support you with excellent NDIS support services on your journey towards a life brimming with possibility and belonging. So, let's step out, explore, and thrive in the heart of Greenvale together!
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