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Supported Independent Living NDIS Accommodation Melbourne

Supported Independent Living NDIS Accommodation Melbourne offers successful outcomes for individuals with either physical or mental disabilities. 

This involves a careful selection of shared accommodation and assistance solutions through Caring Hearts Home Care Services. Supported Independent Living (SIL) NDIS Accommodation Melbourne provides superb possibilities for differently abled people who are not able to live on their own. Our aim, here at Caring Hearts, is to enable individuals to live among a community of like-minded people, in an atmosphere that is consistent with their interests, while providing the highest quality of 24/7 support.

Short Term Accommodation
Household Chores Assist

Supported Independent Living SIL

Supported Independent Living SIL, at Caring Hearts Home Care, can offer an extensive range of support services, including;

  • Help with personal care and hygiene, including showering and dressing
  • Support with both maintenance and laundry
  • Planning, preparing and cooking of meals; then support and monitoring during mealtimes themselves
  • The dispensing of vital medications
  • Support in dealing with money management, making purchases, and effectively managing a budget
  • Help with the use of public transport, and other transport support activities
  • Being a helpful participant at key personal meetings or medical appointments

These, and other Supported Independent Living SIL services are provided by highly experienced and caring professionals.

What is Supported Independent Living (SIL)?

What is supported independent living is a question we are frequently asked. There is no single answer, as individual needs are just that. However, our response to the query: what is supported independent living (or SIL) is that it is aimed at providing the professional support to allow differently abled people to live to the best of their capabilities and in an atmosphere that is both supportive and encouraging.

This professional and caring support can be provided at three requirement levels:

  • Lower -for differently abled people who need supervised living arrangements but don’t require support 24/7
  • Standard – 24/7 assistance and supervised support; including the permanent attendance of skilled all-night sleepover staff
  • Higher – active and positive support, delivered 24/7, providing help with day-to-day tasks and actions; and including active night support

What is SIL funding?

What is SIL funding is another FAQ our professional team are regularly asked. Supported Independent Living is an NDIS funding stream. What is SIL funding’s aim? It’s to encourage and assist differently-abled individuals who live in joint accommodation to be as independent as it’s possible to be. The funding helps provide the services and qualified support staff to make this possible.

To find out more about Supported Independent Living, contact our Caring Hearts Home Care team now