Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Live in a society of people with common lifestyles and pursuits, while enjoying 24/7 support services from our qualified staff

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is an NDIS funding that encourages differently abled people living in joint accommodation and assisting them become independent to the best of their capability. The funding helps include the cost of services provided by the support staff in common accommodation. You will receive support with daily tasks like personal care & hygiene, cooking, cleaning, etc

How Can Caring Hearts Home Care Help with Shared Independent Living?

For people who have physical or mental disabilities and are incapable to live on their own, SIL helps them gain shared accommodation and assistance through Australian Trinity Care. It enables our customers to live with other like-minded people and get entitled to high-quality day-to-day support. This is a wonderful opportunity for them to live in a community that is consistent to their interests and lifestyle while gaining 24/7 support services from our qualified staffs.

At Caring Hearts Home Care, you will receive support in the form of, but not limited to:

  • Support with maintenance and laundry
  • Personal care and hygiene e.g., taking a shower or dressing up.
  • Cooking, meal preparation and planning, nutritional aspects.
  • Mealtime support/monitoring
  • Dispensing medications
  • Support with financial aspects including money managing, buying grocery and maintaining the budget.
  • Public transport and/or travel support skills.
  • Encourage involvement in skills training, chasing a hobby or concerning in community activities.
  • Joining personal and medical appointments.

What are the Various Levels of SIL Support You Will Get based on requirements?

At Caring Hearts Home Care , we realize that every human being with a disability has exceptional support requirements. Keeping this in highest concern, the NDIS suggests three levels of support that you can benefit through us:

  • Lower Requirements: This is suitable for disabled people who do not need 24/7 support but require assistance only in supervising living arrangements.
  • Standard Requirements: This level includes 24/7 support for supervision and assistance in day-to-day tasks. Skilled all night sleepover staff will attend every night.
  • Higher Requirements: For customers who require assistance in their daily activities can utilize SIL funding for higher support needs. This comprises 24/7 active support, including active night support, assistance with day-to-day tasks, controlling actions that need positive nourishment support, etc.

Please feel free to contact our team to discuss Supported Independent Living (SIL) support you need.