Specialized Driver Training

Develop specialized driving skills in a comfortable, safe and supported environment.

Do not let a disability sway you from going to places you want to or limit the fun of travelling. Keep in motion, visit new places, and develop a sense of independence with Specialized Driver Training Caring Hearts Care provides NDIS participants the support they need to take specialized driving lessons and help them achieve good driving skills.

Confidence the wheels can give!

We realize that everyone’s abilities and circumstances are unique and therefore, it makes logic to customize specialized driver training programs to meet individual needs. At Caring Hearts Home Care, we work carefully with the participants and their caregivers to assess your driver training needs and your goals. Based on your needs and disability conditions, our support workers will help find the right specialized driver training instructor who has the experience to meet your learning capabilities and needs.

How We Support You with Specialized Driver Training?

Want to receive reliable and quality specialized driver training? We can support you in the following ways:

  • Organizing a driver training need assessment
  • Matching you to the most appropriate specialist driving instructors
  • Assisting with choosing the best vehicle modification options based on your disability conditions.
  • Individualized care and support for specialized driving skill development, making sure more safety and wellbeing.


Our key goal is to expand support and care as you learn to drive and help lead an independent life. Assistance for improved daily life skills, including Specialized Driver Training which is NDIS funded.

With our support for specialized driver training, you can:

  • Be assured of having a trainer who understands and is considerate about your circumstances.
  • Develop specialized driving skills in a comfortable, safe, and supported environment.
  • Gain more confidence regarding on-road safety.
  • Enjoy the advantages of living a more independent life.

To get professional assistance for specialized driver training, please feel to chat with us.