Specialized Disability Accommodation

SDA homes are custom designed and to cater for people with disabilities

For disabled individuals with acute functional mutilation or high support requirements. Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is an NDIS funding that facilitates in safer and improved delivery of assistance and support they need. The SDA homes are specifically designed and built for people with disabilities, enabling them to receive the support they need in their place of living. It gives more choices to the participants regarding where they live and with whom they want to live with.

Caring Hearts Home Care helps disabled individuals avail Specialized Disability Accommodation and expert assistance for all their support needs. Our highly trained and experienced staff members will provide day-to-day support to help develop the daily needs of the participants, build their self-confidence, and empower them to live a more autonomous life.

Every SDA home has its unique features, and we help the participants make the best choice by supporting them in the design and ensuring all necessities are easily reachable to them.