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Innovative Community Participation

Participation in community activities where you can promote learning, build interactions with others, and develop your skills.

Caring Home Care’s Innovative Community Participation program is designed to support NDIS participants to contribute in their community activities and build skills. Our support workers take a community-based, capacity-building approach that can help our clients to promote learning, build interactions with others, and develop their skills. Our activities also support social inclusion and community engagement for the participants.

We modify our Innovative Community Participation activities to help each participant get the most out of our programs that they choose to engage in. We work in collaboration with community groups, Council libraries, community health organizations, local councils, sporting, and recreational clubs to help the clients develop new sets of skills. Whether you live autonomously in your home or in one of our accommodations, we will support you to achieve the things you want.

Our Services

Our highly trained and experienced support workers focus on the personal growth of participant, strength, and wellbeing of the clients to help them meaningfully connect to the community. We aid with:


  • Understanding the importance of social contribution, community engagement, and relationship building
  • Self-regulations and emotional awareness
  • Capacity building for social wellbeing
  • Interactive sessions
  • Assistance in travel and transportation
  • Support for sports and recreational activities


Why Innovative Community Participation is Important?

At Caring Hearts Home Care, we believe that Innovative Community Participation can:

  • We help attain increased wellbeing results for disabled individuals in terms of improved health, education, employment, income, and life goals which results in lowering long-term disability assistance and support costs.

Caring Hearts Home Care provides dedicated Innovative Community Participation support to clients at various level. For more information about comprehensive assistance, please feel to contact us.