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High intensity Personal Activities

Management of Medications; Disposal of medical waste; Restrictive practices; Complex bowel care, Urinary catheters; Wound management; Sub-cutaneous, PEG feeding and Ventilator management

The NDIS summarizes two levels of support for disabled people who require assistance with their daily personal activities – standard and high intensity. At Caring Hearts Home Care we provide high strength assistance where more efficient and skilled support workers will be delivering support to people who need it. We can supervise and assist with your NDIS high-intensity daily personal activities and help you lead an independent and more fulfilling life. Our team of trained and caring professionals provides widespread support to ensure your daily routine becomes manageable and achievable. The assistance is typically provided where the customer is currently staying. Caring Hearts Home Care is a registered NDIS provider and dedicated to provide supervision, support and care our customers need to perform their day-to-day tasks.

High Intensity Daily Personal Activity Assistance& Support Services

  • The types of NDIS high intensity personal assistance we are registered to provide are:

    • Management of Medications
    • Disposal of waste, infectious or hazardous substances
    • Restrictive practice
    • Complex bowel care
    • Tracheostomy management
    • Urinary catheter management
    • Complex wound management
    • Sub-cutaneous management
    • Peg feeding and management.
    • Ventilator management

When Do You Need High Intensity Daily Activity Support?

High intensity daily activity assistance requires support workers with extensive experience, skills, and qualifications necessary to meet the complex needs of the customers. They may require one on one support in several cases as below:

  • Ongoing active assistance is essential where the customer needs high medical support, such as respiratory or tracheostomy support, unstable seizure experiences, etc.
  • Dedicated assistance is required to help manage challenging behaviors. This requires advanced skill, compassion, and positive behavior support from our professionals.

Why Choose Caring Hearts Home Care?

Caring Hearts Home Care has a team of support workers with decades of experience, providing high-quality, safe, and reliable high-intensity assistance for the daily personal needs of the disabled individual. We provide dedicated support with in-home care, ensuring you feel comfortable while leading a more independent life. Our individualized approach safeguards proper support and assistance is provided depending on the type of disability the person has and/or their specific needs. Through continuous training, we make our support workers efficient of delivering high-end daily activity assistance.