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Assist – Travel/Transport

Travel to visit family and friends, going to school or work, attending medical appointments, or running daily errands

Do not let disability sway your independence or ability to do things you love. At Caring Hearts Home Care, we understand how essential it is for people with disability to stay associated to their community – visiting family and friends, going to school or work, attending medical appointments, or running daily errands. A sense of flexibility induces confidence in them, which is crucial for overall wellbeing and happiness. Therefore, we provide supervision and assistance for travel or transportation.

With dedication and reliability, we make sure that regardless of the disability or mental illness, your daily life remains convenient and hassle-free. We provide the option of supported transportation with our trained staff members or we can also help arrange your own transport to ensure you stay independent as much as possible. The objective is to help you:

Travel quickly and promptly at any time that suits you comfortably.

Stay connected, independent, and active in your community.

Feel confident and safe travelling in public transportation with our staff member.

What do We do?

At Caring Hearts Home Care, we endeavor to help improve a person’s independence and confidence through dedicated public transportation assistance. Our support workers will help you learn common public transportation routes to and from your destination, train/bus timetables, and how to safely travel in public transportation. If the person is not able to travel on his own or feels uncomfortable in public transportation, we can arrange taxis or private transport mode supported by our staff members.

Our ultimate is to make transportation as convenient and easy as possible so that you can spend time in your community or pursue your aspirations. We provide safe and reliable travel/transportation assistance in your vehicle, company vehicle or public transportation, shared ride or taxi service. We provide public transportation assistance for:

Medical appointments

Running errands

Visiting family and friends

Going for shopping

Visiting favorite place

  • Attending a social outing or wellness programs
  • Taking transportation for school/college or work

Why Choose Us for Disability Travel/Transport Assistance?

Here are some reasons why we are among the most trusted choices for travel or transportation assistance:

  • We are an NDIS registered company and our ethos & values are guided by their Standards of Care
  • We ensure high standards of quality care and trustworthiness